Uniform Policy Reminder - Nail Polish & Jewellery


Reminder for Parents:

We recognise that many of our students will have had their nails done over the Christmas period and that artificial nails are not as straight forward to remove as nail polish. However, the academy policy clearly states: "Nail polish and any type of false nails (including clear gels, acrylics, extensions, Shellac etc) are not allowed." We would therefore urge parents/carers to ensure that nail polish and false nails are removed for the start of the new term on Monday 6th January. This policy also includes false eyelashes. Where this is not the case, we will isolate the student for one day only, allowing time for the issue to be rectified that evening but should this not happen, more severe sanctions will then be applied.
We would also point out that no jewellery is allowed (other than a wrist watch). This still applies when a piercing is new, sanctions will apply to any student who wears earrings, jewellery or other piercings.