Design and Technology

Design & Technology is a subject that develops students’ problem solving, creative, evaluative, organisational and practical capabilities through design, design development and manufacture of working prototype solutions. It is a modern, multi-faceted subject that combines skills and knowledge gained from several other subjects and seeks to apply these together.

As consumers, products that have been designed, engineered and manufactured feature prominently in all of our lives. Most of our possessions have been designed and made, from the clothing that we are wearing to the food we eat and the furniture we use. The design industry is massively important and we aim to reflect that here at Outwood Academy City Fields.

D&T at Outwood Academy City Fields specialises in the following material areas:

Textiles Technology: Design and manufacture of fabric-based products such as clothing, soft furnishings and children’s toys.

Graphic Products: Design and manufacture of paper, card and plastic based products such as packaging, printed products and brand identity.

Product Design: Design and manufacture of items such as mobile phones and household products. Materials used include plastics, woods, metals, card and paper as well as composite materials.

Food Preparation & Nutrition: Students develop an understanding of the science of nutrition and learn how to prepare and cook healthy, nutritionally balanced meals.

To see an overview of what your child will study in Design & Technology, please select from below:

SUBJECT UPDATE (September 2016): Our current year 10 Food Technology students have embarked upon the reformed GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition GCSE course. This will be graded 1 – 9.

The department is busy making preparations for the new GCSE Design & Technology course. This reformed qualification, which will also be graded 1 – 9, launches in September 2017 and replaces the existing GCSEs in the various strands of GCSE Design & Technology.


The department has 4 specialist teaching rooms, including 2 CAD suites. The department is well resourced and operates specialist equipment including a CNC laser cutter and a brand new 3D printer. The laser cutter is used by 4 of the material areas within D&T.


Trips take place to inspiring places such as the ‘Clothes Show Live!’ at the Birmingham NEC and the Winter Gardens in Sheffield to see great design.

The department is planning a visit to London to experience architecture, fashion and product design.

The department runs after-school sessions and clubs 4 nights a week for all year groups. This includes a homework session every Thursday night – 3pm to 4pm.

D&T challenge competitions are entered.


The D&T department is one of the bases for the academy’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) initiative. Year 8 were the latest year group to experience STEM first hand – they attended an event hosted by the Bloodhound SSC team. The day was an exciting opportunity to experience the technology and engineering that goes into the car that may one day travel faster than the speed of sound!

Department teacher Miss Kane is the Academy’s STEM coordinator. There will be a weekly STEM club as well as trips and competitions with a STEM theme.


Mrs Ruddock administers the D&T department’s very own Facebook page. The page is regularly updated with examples of students’ work and interesting D&T related news articles.


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