Modern Foreign Languages

Welcome to Modern Foreign Languages

Students at Outwood Academy City Fields can learn French and Urdu with extra-curricular opportunities available in Polish and Russian. We believe strongly in a knowledge-led approach and our teaching is constantly informed and refreshed through engagement with the latest research in MFL learning. As a department, we aim to equip students with an appreciation for different languages and cultures and to provide challenging and simulating activities to develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation. Students grapple with grammar, deduct and infer from authentic texts and enjoy French songs and poetry. They communicate with each other in French through a range of collaborative activities, play language games and write compositions on topics based around their interests and contemporary issues affecting the world around them.

Mr Andrew Hill – Assistant Principal & Head of Languages
Mrs Susan Harrison – Vice Principal
Mr Asim Nasir – Teacher of Languages (Urdu)
Ms Nicola Harris-Jukes - Director of Languages (1 day a week)

Year 7 and Year 8

All students learn French. Students have 2 hours a week and are given regular homework to consolidate their learning. Homework will usually involve learning vocabulary, quizzing or sometimes a more extended piece of written work.

The Scheme of Learning is designed by our specialist Languages Director Team, with contribution from Heads of Department across the Trust. Our team benefits from a wealth of experience in teaching French, including marking for the GCSE exam board and attendance at courses in the latest methodology. As a result, our Schemes of Work are bespoke, thorough and robust. Students are given the best possible opportunities to become GCSE-ready. In addition, our curriculum is created to be rich in knowledge, whilst also being fun and engaging for young people.
Assessment is in the form of regular Praising Stars tests and assessments, often based around age-appropriate versions of GCSE style exams. Students know which skills are valued in mark schemes and what they need to do to improve. Students in Y7 and Y8 are assessed in all skill areas across the course of each year, giving teachers a clear picture of their progress.

Year 9 – Year 11

Students can choose to continue with French as an option subject from Y9 onwards. Students also have the opportunity to start learning Urdu. Again, our Schemes of Work are carefully designed by a team of experts and enable students to cover all the necessary vocabulary and grammar to achieve success at GCSE in Y11. Working over 3 years gives our students ample opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge they need to do well. At Outwood Academy City Fields, students are entered for the AQA GCSE French / Urdu exams and are assessed in listening, speaking, reading and writing, with translation featuring in both the reading and writing papers. All skills carry equal weight (25%) and students can enter for either Foundation or Higher Tier. Assessment throughout Y9 – Y11 continues with regular Praising Stars assessments, which become more and more reflective of the GCSE exam as students progress. Students in Y11 will also take a mock exam and have the opportunity to sit a full GCSE speaking mock. The GCSE centres around engaging and interesting themes, varying from relationships, technology and festivals to social issues and holidays through to career choices and future ambitions.
Please contact Andrew Hill on if you would like further information about any aspect of our French or Urdu courses.

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities for students with languages include specialist occupations, such as interpreting, translation and teaching, but also industry, business, marketing, finance, the civil service, the European Union agencies, law and the media. Languages graduates are on average 10-15% better paid than other arts graduates and have one of the lowest unemployment rates overall. With the UK as a whole now producing fewer and fewer linguists, students with a Modern Language are increasingly sought after. If you choose to take languages further, you will have the opportunity to spend a year abroad, giving you the opportunity to experience life in another country and to develop lots of the skills valued by employers.

Extra-curricular Opportunities

At OACF, we have taken students abroad to enable them to practise their language skills and get a flavour of French-speaking cultures. We also offer Y11 and Y10 intervention sessions for GCSE Success. Y8 and Y9 students are given the opportunity to take part in the exciting Languages Challenge, a national competition run by SOAS University in London. Y7 students develop their vocabulary skills through a Trust-wide Spelling Bee, with finalists taken to Sheffield Hallam University for a Grand Finale and our most talented linguists in Y8 are invited to attend a Gifted and Talented Challenge Day, again at Sheffield Hallam University.