September Reopening 2020

Outwood Academy City Fields September plan

We know that many students across all the year groups, along with their families, will be concerned about being behind with their learning or will be anxious about returning in September. We are taking every precaution possible to ensure that all on site are as safe as possible. However, for this to happen effectively, we need everyone on site to show social responsibility. We all must follow the rules and safety measures in place to ensure that we look after ourselves and everyone else on site. We know that you will support us in ensuring that your children follow these rules. The overarching aim of our behaviour policy is to promote positive behaviour, to ensure our students grow into safe, respectful and responsible citizens and to allow them to learn in a calm environment.

Each video explains the different elements that will be in place ready for September:
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Video 1 covers:
Horizontal Mentor Groups

Video 3
How parents and carers can support
First week back

Video 2
The structure of the day
Staggered starts for years groups

Other areas to identify are:
    A one-way system has been in place throughout the academy for this half term, including designated up and down stairways and specific doors to enter or exit each block. This system will continue in September for all to adhere to for safety and to support the growing population of our academy over time.
    Markers on the floor in corridors to encourage social distancing.
    Allocated seat for each student in classrooms
    Safety posters throughout the academy
    Bins available in all rooms for used tissues as good respiratory hygiene is important - catch, bin it, kill it.

September – 1st Week ONLY Return Plan


Student Uniform and Resources
All students must bring a bag (large enough for an A4 folder) and pencil case with them. Students will receive their planner on their first day of return which then must be brought into the academy every day.
September will see the return of full uniform, please ensure that new uniform where required is purchased in plenty of time. I know that during this period of time many students may have changed their hair colour and grown accustomed to wearing nails and make-up, therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of our uniform expectations:
Full Academy uniform is expected at all times including uniform for PE
Plain black socks when wearing trousers
Plain black tights (at least 40 denier) when wearing a skirt
Plain black, below the ankle, polishable, sensible school shoes (no canvas / plastic / trainers / boots, etc)
No jewellery except a wristwatch (smart watches which connect to the internet/record media etc are not allowed)
Make-up must be very discrete, eyebrows of normal shape and colour, fake eyelashes are not allowed
No nail varnish or false nails, hair must be a natural colour
Chewing gum, fizzy pop (including energy drinks), big bags of sweets and crisps etc are not allowed anywhere on site. We are aiming to be a healthy eating site. Students may wish to bring a refillable water bottle – there are water stations in the dining room where free fresh water can be accessed. Please note that students MUST have a water bottle to be able to use these water dispensers.
We are a no mobile phone site, phones are not allowed anywhere on the academy site. If your child chooses to bring in a phone, it must be switched off and in their bag. We are not liable for any breakages or theft.

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